Podiatric Surgery

Podiatric surgery is indicated when conservative management of an ingrown toe nails is ineffective. We can perform a simple surgical procedure called a partial nail avulsion or sometimes called ‘nail root and matrix resection’. This is our preferred option if a nail repeatedly becomes infected, is continually painful, impacts patients ability to wear shoes, inhibits their ability to play sport or perform other activities.

What does the procedure involve?

We will conduct an assessment involving history of the toe nail, noting down any relevant medical history and performing a vascular assessment to determine if there is sufficient blood flow to the feet.

The procedure involves local anaesthetic to be placed into the toe which will allow the procedure to take place ‘pain free’ in the comfort of our clinic rooms. The surgery takes no longer than one hour (depending on the specific procedure) and does not involve any cutting of the skin or stitches so you are able to walk immediately afterwards. After care will be given on the day and review provided 1 week after to see how it is progressing.

Ingrown Nail
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