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The orthotics created by myPod Podiatry are digitally scanned custom made inserts, designed to control and improve foot function. This will help patients cope with biomechanical deformities, pain and dysfunction. Custom orthotics are designed to sit comfortably underfoot inside footwear, changing the load patterns of the foot to improve function and performance, or help manage ongoing illness or injury.

At myPod Podiatry we create our premium orthoses via Lasercam software, which utilises individual scans from each patient to create truly customised orthotics. While some orthotics are made from generic shapes, myPod and Lasercam follow methodological steps to achieve the most comfortable fit and the most optimal control.

Once the assessment and scans are completed the The LaserCam system will offer up to 60 different types of orthotic materials. Choices range from durable sporting covers, to soft luscious memory foams. The orthotics can also be made in a wide variety of colours and shapes to suit every individual’s need. Different styles of orthotics can be manufactured if you are looking for something customised for a particular shoe ie: dress shoe or footy boot. Our orthotic turn around time can be as quick as 3 days, but will usually take 1 week for the full process to be complete.

Why Choose Custom Orthotics?

An easy way to understand custom orthotics is to think of them in the same light as you would orthodontic braces for your teeth. When teeth are bent or pushing into each other, your dentist will prescribe braces to help slowly pull your teeth into line, straightening teeth for a better bite, decreasing the chance of gum disease and tooth decay, and leaving you with straight, healthy teeth.

Custom orthotics work in the same way. The orthotic is designed for you by your Podiatrist to address your personal health conditions or injuries. It will realign your foot  based on a professional assessment, which will in turn improve your gait, posture, and overall health of your feet and lower legs.

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