How to maintain your winter heels in summer…

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Cracked Heels

With the warmer months just around the corner (one can only hope – come on Spring!), the trusty feet and not so pretty heels start to break free from socks and shoes and wiggle their way into the good old Aussie flip flop, sling back, sandal or even barefoot around your home. 

This means that we’ve gone from that nice protected environment where our heels are generally loving life, to a more exposed environment where the dry heat, air conditioning, chlorinated water, sand, carpet etc. suck the moisture out and leave our heels worse for wear. 

 What can start as dry heels, can quickly turn into one or more deep and painful cracks. 

Once we get to this stage, it takes a longer time to heal, you are at risk of infections (particularly in diabetics) and they can bleed. The effort involved in healing cracks in the heels far outweighs the small effort you can make at home to prevent this from occurring. 

So, let’s talk about prevention! I mentioned earlier moisture gets sucked out of your heels – so quite simply we need to replace the moisture. The team at myPod use and recommend Urederm (not sponsored – but we do stock it if you want to purchase). We only need a small amount, once or twice a day, to help keep our heels nice and moisturised. You can also try a sandal with an enclosed back (see our range at your next appointment) which will help to keep that area protected. The gentle use of a foot file regularly will help to reduce the build-up of thickened skin around your heels also. 

If callus builds up regularly, your lovely myPod Podiatrist can debride your heels (and any other areas needing it), which will prevent nasty cracks from occurring. 

If you do get a crack or two, don’t fear, we can help you still! We use special tools and techniques to help heal that heel and will guide you in what needs to be done at home to help it along. 

If you want to come in and have a chat about caring for your feet in summer, including footwear, we are always here to help you. Give us a call on 0412 159 597 or visit our website for more information.