How do you know it is time for new orthotics?

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    • If your feet are hurting or they start to feel uncomfortable, it is worth having your feet and orthotics reassessed by your Podiatrist.
    • If there are any changes in your feet. This is particularly relevant in children as their feet are constantly developing. You may find your orthotics may have become too short or the foot is too wide for the devices. Changes in an individual’s foot may also be due to chronic degeneration of joints or any form of acute trauma and therefore it is always worth investigating again. It is worth noting that pregnancy can also affect foot posture and shape.
    • If your devices are worn out. Often, we see these devices held together by duct tape or there are chunks missing from the device – this indicates it is time for re-assessment. By this time the construction of the device and functional components would have completely changed and therefore need replacement.
    • If the top cover is worn out it is worth having them checked as the top cover may be holding together some inbuilt adjustments. However, in a lot of cases only the top cover needs to be replaced and this can be easily done at the consult.
    • You may also find the devices have worn in specific areas and may not be properly balanced, this may be noted when placing the devices on a level platform. Having the devices not sitting properly may increase your chances of injury as the device is not performing adequately.

Remember everyone is different and will use their orthotics for diverse activities. Therefore, how long the devices will last will depend on the individual. Even though they may look fine just like your favourite pair of glasses, as a general rule of thumb your pair of orthotics should be checked annually.

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