Kim Nankivell

Senior podiatrist and company director

Being a talented sprinter at a young age, Kim found herself at the podiatrist as she was caught in a constant cycle of lower limb injuries. She had a very favourable outcome at the podiatrist and at this point Kim realised that she could combine her interests in sport and helping people, as a career. In 2001 Kim purchased a sole practitioner Podiatry practice based in Naracoorte South Australia, where she grew up. Fast forward a few years, Kim is now based in the Bellarine Peninsula in the South-east of the Melbourne CBD with clinics based out of Leopold, Belmont and Ocean Grove. Kim commutes across the border to help service the South Australian sites once a fortnight. Kim loves a round of golf whenever time permits and enjoys spending time with her lovely 2 daughters.

What makes you different/why would people come see you?

“I discovered my passion for Podiatry when serious lower limb injuries threatened my career as an elite sprinter. After seeing many other health professionals, the most successful treatment for all my conditions was found at a podiatrist. By going through some of these tough experiences as a youngster I feel I am well equipped to impart some of this wealth of knowledge onto my patients”.

Kim has a keen interest in all aspects of podiatry but is especially interested in:

  • Sports Podiatry especially running based injuries
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Orthotic Therapy
Bachelor or Podiatry