City-Bay 2017 & The Athlete’s Foot Adelaide!

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You’ll see the myPod Podiatry team sweating it out, again, at this years City-Bay! We’ve supported CanTeen through the City-Bay Fun Run for a number of years, raising over $500 last year alone! This year, we’re running and walking again to help CanTeen support young people living with cancer!

To help show your support please head to our donation page, hit the donate button & share with your friends & family. No contribution is too small!

One lucky contributor will win a pair of running shoes, up to the value of $200!! Generously donated for the second year in a row by The Athlete’s Foot Adelaide.


Keep reading to find out some helpful tips about your running shoes….

If there is one word myPod Podiatry would use to describe The Athlete’s Foot Adelaide it is Fit.

The Athlete’s Foot Adelaide have been a leading sporting footwear supplier for decades, and continue to provide outstanding service for patients across Adelaide.

The team at The Athlete’s Foot Adelaide have been kind enough to share some great inside tips and tricks to ensure you get the best shoe fit to get you moving at your very best.

Top 4 things to look for in your running shoe:

  1. Flexibility across the forefoot of the shoe, enabling you to flex the front of the shoe in your hands with effort (shouldn’t flex in the middle of the shoe).
  2. When you’re standing in the shoes – make sure there’s no sideways overhang – this means your foot isn’t too wide for the middle of the shoe.
  3. When standing in the shoes – there should be a thumbnail (approx 1cm) from the end of your longest toe (flat on the ground) to the end of the shoe.
  4. Immediate comfort. A correctly fitted running shoe should immediately feel like you can wear them for days (don’t expect you need to “wear them in”)!

Top 5 ways to tell you’re wearing the wrong shoe:

  1. You are experiencing blisters – caused by the shoes being too small or too big.
  2. You experience pins and needles or numbness when exercising – the width and depth of your shoes is too narrow/shallow.
  3. You have black toenails or lose a toe nail while exercising – caused from incorrectly sized shoes or an incorrect shoe shape for your forefoot.
  4. You’re experiencing soreness not felt in previous shoes.
  5. You are experiencing a burning sensation on the underside of your foot (or near your arch) – incorrect level of arch support in the shoes.

Use these tips next time you’re thinking of buying new shoes, or better yet – head to The Athlete’s Foot Adelaide and ensure that your next pair of running shoes are your perfect Fit.