Blisters: to Pop or Not to Pop?

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The question of whether you should pop a blister comes up quite regularly in our line of work. If you read a lot of articles online you will see that there is generally a 50-50 split on which way to go.

Blisters can present at three different stages: blister roof intact, blister roof torn and blister de-roofed. In the latter two the management should be focused on preventing and monitoring for infection, and reducing pressure for comfort.

In the case of the blister with the roof intact, the majority of these blisters will pop on their own accord with the use of an island dressing (i.e Primapore). However, if they are on a weight-bearing location they can cause a lot of pain and may need to be drained. When looking to drain these it is extremely important to keep to a sterile environment (i.e. use sterile instruments) to limit the chance of infection.

We would therefore recommend that you come in and allow one of our Podiatrists to properly manage your blister in a safe and sterile environment. Your friendly myPod Podiatrist will then also discuss strategies to help offload these hot spots to prevent these blisters from recurring.