Another fantastic outcome for a patient struggling with Fungal Nails!

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A Case Study

Late last year a lady in her early 50’s attended our city clinic struggling to fight a rapidly spreading fungal nail infection on her big toe.

Frustrated with the lack of resolve from topical antifungal creams she had bought at her local chemist, she thought it may be time to seek our opinion for better options.

Upon examination it was evident that the nail infection was very progressive, tracking to the base of the nail. The patient was concerned that if it wasn’t resolved soon there may be a high chance the infection would spread to her surrounding nails.

It was decided to undertake a 3 week intensive treatment program using PACT (photodynamic light) therapy, along with ongoing use of a topical nail treatment EMTRIX.

The photograph on the left was at day 1 after the nail was resected back to remove as much infected nail as possible. 4 subsequent consults followed over 2 months. The photograph on the right was taken at 6 month follow up.

The results speak for themselves.

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